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Ignore Them


People are people are people. They say things they don’t mean, they write “heartfelt” expressions of affection they don’t ever want you to fulfill, but they always, always, blame you when the expressions of affection are fulfilled, and it usually just leads to sad people everywhere and annoyed people in between. People are people are people, but why do the rest of us have to pay for the insensitivities of most?

You know someone like this. These insensitive people show their faces around the end of things. They’ve been on the fence with you, playing tennis with your emotions like most people just play tennis. One day, it’s a backhand over the net and into foul territory. The next, it’s smooth sailing, a clear shot over the net and everyone is all smiles because they know the next move, they know how it works. They smile and think, this is familiar territory.

The problem is it never works for very long. Soon they’re adding people into the game, taking away things you thought were certain, and changing the rules, just because these are the kind of people who don’t care. They think they can destroy everything and have it all work out because they’re the best, aren’t they? They’re the cutest, the funniest, the smartest and everyone should love them so much because it’s so damn hard not to. And just when you think you’re done, when you’ve finally stopped lobbying the ball, when you’ve collected your rackets and water and have waved goodbye, they get you. They promise to play fair, they bombard you with messages and pictures of them playing fair and you get sucked in again and again and again and it never ends. You’re stuck playing tennis with a person who only cares about winning, and is entirely too unconcerned with how you feel, because they know you’ll be back anyway.

So, as a newly graduated high schooler, and as person who has spent four years playing back and forth tennis with people and is only finally free of them, this is my solid advice to you– do yourself a favor, and cut them out. Cut them out like they so easily cut you out. Stop talking to them. Stop giving them what they want– people who will come back when they call and not hold the hurt against them. And don’t tell yourself that they meant the missives they wrote in your yearbook. There’s a difference between forgiving someone and being taken advantage of. Graduate from the high school of bad relationships. Cut your hair in a demonstration that you’re done with everything around you, and let your hair grow back, undamaged by the bad relationships you used to have.

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