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A Girl’s Guide to Practical Dating


We’re all looking for love, but ladies, we’ve been looking in the wrong places!!  It’s time to get practical and kill two birds with one stone.  Your love life can be romantic and functional. Set yourself up for success and get the most out of your relationships!  Here are some men to consider being attracted to:


The Mechanic

Mechanics have a reputation for being sleazy and giving you the go-around.  I know as much about open heart surgery as I do about cars, so it’s pretty easy to deceive me there.  How can I trust that my mechanic is being honest with me?  Date him!  A little grease never hurt anybody.



The Pizza Delivery Boy

This has been a long-standing dream of mine.  How amazing would a Friday night be if you could Netflix in your pajamas and call your sweetheart to deliver free pizza!  He better write a love note on the box. Also, this would give him easy access to recreate that scene from Princess Diaries if he ever screws up.




The Chiropractor

Free adjustments, hello!  I would bone a guy who knows his way around my spine.



The Dental Hygienist

Dental hygiene is extremely important.  What is more intimate than laying back in a chair and allowing him to explore your mouth?  We’re talking cleanings, fillings, whitening services.

Happy Male Dentist Holding Thread While Patient Looking At Him


The Wedding Singer

Because it would make a great story some day and he would probably have luscious 80s locks that inspire disgust, arousal, and envy simultaneously.  If nothing else, it will be worth it for the hair maintenance secrets.

wedding singer



The Barista

Because coffee is important and coffee knowledge is sexy.  He’ll probably be better dressed than you, but if he’s any sort of gentleman, he’ll let you borrow from his extensive scarf collection.  There’s an 85% chance he will have a beard, if you’re into that sort of thing.




The Accountant

Taxes!!!!! And that’s about it.  Maybe be strategic about this guy and rekindle your relationship every Spring.



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