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Why the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Motivates Me


It happened.  The best night of the year, in my opinion – the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I haven’t missed a show since I was 15 and now beautiful things such as DVR and smart phones allow me to watch the entirety of display of perfection at my own convenience. If my assumptions are correct, it would be safe to say that more girls are excited to watch 47 models display breathtaking beauty than most men. I’ll admit it. I’m more excited than most of my guy friends.


These women personify perfection and while many compare themselves to the Angels (it’s hard not to), I still find them empowering or at least an inspiration to get healthier. In past years, the models looked stunning yet a little skinny, if not frail. Their statuesque frames were clearly thinner than the average woman, and while that may still be true, the Victoria’s Secret Angels that came down from Heaven to walk the runway in London looked toned. It was very clear that the women put on lean muscle.


Instagram is filled with “fitspo” accounts that show women with amazing bodies that can only come from hours in the gym. I’m motivated to get off the couch and run (I used this term loosely) on the treadmill when I look at a few of these accounts, but this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show really put a fire under my ass. Now, instead of double tapping on the fitspo pages, I’ve had Taylor Swift’s performance of “Style” on repeat the past few days. Watching Taylor and Karlie walk down the aisle together is pretty easy on the eyes too.


We’ll all watch the Angels grace this earth with a different set of eyes and mindsets. Do I look like one of the Angels? No. Do I wish I looked like some of them? Fuck yes, but I don’t feel bad about it. I just decided to emulate their work ethic on my own body. We all reach our perfection at different points in our lives. The Victoria’s Secret Angels just seem like they arrived already. I’m still running to get there, but the Angels are helping me along the way.

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