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I Want It Now


Instant gratification is exhausting.  We are a generation that can get what we desire immediately, we want what we want when we want it, and we can have it.  In a time like this, the word “patience” can be as foreign to us as the idea of mailing hand-written letters for communication purposes; both unnecessary and rather annoying. This instant gratification mentality can leave us in an uneasy state of quantity versus quality, and distracts us from a more meaningful existence full of things out of our control – a person surviving cancer or a deliberate love. After pondering the urgency of our generation in getting what we want, here are the top five things that we can get instantly.

1.  Food.

With apps like Eat 24 and GrubHub, I can order food to be delivered to me from my couch, bed, or even bathtub.  Even though there is a pizza place, a Mexican restaurant, and seventeen other places creating food within crawling distance (yes, crawling, not walking, San Francisco is small), I can order food and have it delivered and enjoy the pure laziness of not ever leaving my apartment or putting on pants.

2. Sex.

I can find a man, or woman, in a five mile radius of my home on Tinder.  I’m sure there are individuals on Tinder who are looking for their wives, but this statement is in regard to the man who specifies that he is in an open relationship and only looking for sex in in his Tinder tag line.  After I have confirmed with our one mutual Facebook friend that he is not serial killer or rapist I can invite him over and…boom – sex in my room.


3.  Manual Labor

I can have almost anything labor intensive completed with the aid of TaskRabbit.  Do you need people to greet your guests at a dinner party?  You can post this need on TaskRabbit and have it fulfilled minutes later, and, ta-da, legitimate door greeters arrive before your evening begins.  If you don’t feel like doing your own laundry, cleaning out your cat’s litter box or if you want someone to count how many push-ups you can do in ten minutes and give you a pep talk , you can post an ad and pay someone to complete the task.



4.  Communication

Yes, we can all agree technology is a beautiful way to communicate with loved ones that are across states and countries and  time zones.  It is amazing that I can see my friend’s face before breakfast in Aruba thanks to Facetime, and view most events in my sister’s day in Snapchats.  However, this current communicative technology has an ugly side, as it leaves little time for consideration before we send a message, text, or photograph.  It’s easier to have a slip of fingers on a key board than to take words back that will forever be on the internet or in an inbox.  You might want to sleep on it next time you compose a sexual conquest message via social media at 2:03am.



5.  Transportation

Don’t want to walk five blocks in the rain even though you have an umbrella?  Running late and don’t have time for public transportation?  Are you intoxicated?  Through Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber, phone apps you can have transportation instantly at your home, bar or any corner you’re currently residing on.  This idea of hailing a cab, walking, or grinning and bearing the bus system can seem entirely too inconvenient and time-consuming for our generation to participate in.


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