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How to Not Let Someone Else’s Cranky Pants Mood Ruin Yours


When your neutral state has finally surpassed that flat-line contentedness and you find yourself surfing an unexplained wave of happiness–life is good!  You’re in love with breathing and being and even that barely-there whiff of lavender tinted B.O. wafting from your pits (thanks to your new all-natural deodorant) is the smell of heaven itself.  This could very well be how your lazy Sunday begins.

And then, to the dismay of anyone who ever had a soul, Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy,” (the anthem to your Sunday,) which has been playing on repeat in your brain is interrupted.  A dementor in the guise of your roommate enters and sucks away each ounce of happiness like a normal person slurps at the last drops of their frappuccino.  This creature appears to be in the kind of unshakeable mood of a grumpus.  So how do you patch this newly discovered hole in your pocketful of sunshine?

The aforementioned dementor.

The aforementioned dementor.


1. Get Away

JoJo told us–Get out, leave.  Not only do you get an escape from the other person’s bad mood, but you can also go outside and (hopefully) enjoy some sunshine.  Go for a walk, run, or bike ride.  Go to Trader Joe’s–they’re always in a good mood at TJ’s.



2. Do Something Positive

Hold on to your good vibes by spreading them.  Write a grateful note, do a kindness for a stranger, smile.



3. Work on a Project

Distract your mind by engaging in something that’s more involved.  You could research your family tree, find something to DIY, or color coordinate the food in your pantry (actually, this could potentially be an extremely short activity, depending on your student status).

violin crafting


4. Watch a Movie or Listen to Music

Surround yourself with the emotion you want to feel.  Watch feel-good Amanda Bynes movies like She’s the Man, or movies that never get old like The Princess Diaries.  Listen to French pop music by Yelle.


princess diaries

5. Cheer Yourself Up

Treat yo self!  Buy yourself flowers or new lipstick, or even In N Out can do the trick.  Because you’re worth it and retail therapy really does work.




6. Talk to the Ones You Love

Like your sister, when she’s not ditching you for a nap or Bay to Breakers.



7. Make the Choice

Ultimately, you have to take happiness into your own hands!  Realize that you’re in control and happiness is a state of mine.  Be happy!



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