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Message To Millennials: No Job Is A Waste Of Time


I used to think of most entry-level type jobs to be a gigantic waste of time. Other than making money, the work was so mundane and dreadful that I thought it was taking years away from my life. I’ve come to realize that maybe I was being hasty.

Work is always of the utmost importance. It doesn’t necessarily matter what kind, as long as it pays (and is somewhat legal, but who am I to judge?). You need to be working. Not working is bad. Not working exudes stagnancy, much more so than working a mundane job. Every day at work you learn something new, even if it’s the art of not dying from boredom. And most importantly, YOU NETWORK. Meeting new people that can get you bigger and better jobs. It’s true when they say that the company we keep, keeps us moving. If they are quality citizens, they will help you move forward. But if you are sitting at home, the only company you will keep are those on Xbox Live. And they are too high on Mountain Dew to do much of anything productive.

Quitting. Too many people take the easy way out when they don’t like their job. They just quit. If you have something better to transition to, this is alright. But if you are quitting for quitting’s sake, this is not alright. It is always better to get fired. Yes, it is. Not getting fired for incompetence, but for doing something innovative and different. The point is, you need to push yourself beyond the conventional limits of your position. And quitting sucks. Nobody likes a quitter, and if they say they do, they are lying. If you sit around and do nothing in your job, you will sit around and do nothing in your job. This leads me to the reason why people ultimately succeed.

Yes, it is possible to be too good at your job. And if this is the case, then it is time to look elsewhere. But like I said before, DON’T QUIT UNTIL YOU SECURE THE NEXT JOB. Successful people understand this. They are constantly looking to better themselves. They aren’t working to pay the rent, they are working to better their lives. If you work simply to pay rent, then you will always be struggling to pay the rent.

Successful people are those who don’t hang around in menial jobs for long, because they hunger for more. More people need to be hungry, but since they aren’t, this creates a loophole to be exploded by those that are. Get hungry, or die of starvation. But embrace the mundane on your way to greener pastures.

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