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Twenty-Something and Clueless


There is nothing wrong with being in your twenties and having absolutely no idea what you want to do with your life. It is not a race, and there is no time limit to decide on what you are going to do. This is the point in your life where you can experiment, chase your dreams, and try new things. You are young enough to try something, hate it, and start all over again. Sometimes the only way to know what it is that you like, is to determine what it is that you don’t.


If you get the chance, try it.

I am twenty-three years old. I have already been an administrative/finance manager, a human resource manager, and I am now currently a special events coordinator. I am very thankful for the opportunities that were presented to me in order to be in each of the positions because now I can safely cross off three occupations that I DO NOT want to have as careers. I have learned that: I hate desk jobs, do not want to work constantly with numbers, despise everything that involves human resources, and that I would rather attend the events than plan and set them up.

Lesson #1 – Never commit yourself to something without at least test running it first.


If you are not happy with your major, change it.

Time is going to pass anyways, and it is not too late to either change your major or go back to school for something that you will actually utilize or something that will make you happy. I had originally started going to school for Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management and when I had decided that I wanted to study something broader, I had decided on switching to just Business. After doing a little self-evaluation, I had decided that staying in business would never truly make me happy and that I was simply taking the easy way out. I had thought about what it was that I enjoyed doing, and one thing that had crossed my mind was writing. I contemplated the idea of journalism, but again it wasn’t something that I wanted to dedicate my life to. Long story short, after a large amount of consideration, I am now a pre-med student. The goal is to find your passion, and do whatever you need to accomplish it. Lesson #2 – If you sell yourself short out of pure laziness you will regret it in the long run.


“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

One of the most important things that I have learned throughout my time working in different positions is that, if you do not enjoy it, it is not worth it. If you dread the thought of going to work each day, or if the idea of your job makes you miserable then you have a huge problem. So much of your time is spent working and building your career. Do you really want to spend that much of your life unhappy? Lesson #3 – If you are lucky enough to find something that you love to do, and you have the opportunity to make it into what you do for a living, do it.

Happiness 2

Chase your dreams.

You only live once, and you are only young once. This is the perfect chance for you to try to make your dreams become reality. If you want to be an actor, move to LA. If you want to be a writer, write a book. If you want to be an entrepreneur, take an idea and run with it. I am by no means saying that it is going to happen, but you have a better chance of success if you try than doing nothing at all. At the end of the day, if things don’t work out you will always have plan b, and you can at least say that you gave it you best shot.



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Ashley is a special events coordinator and writer, as well as a student at the University of Pittsburgh. She can be described as an ocean of "awesomeness" as some would say. She aspires to be rich and travel to various destinations around the world. Until then, she tends to live her life by the idea that Netflix is always a good excuse.