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Why Every Single Person Should Have a Tinder


From personal experience and from seeing my friends relationships crash and burn, I know the single life can sometimes suck.

Being single has the benefits of talking to whoever you want whenever you want, flirting constantly, and being able to do you to the fullest. But, what being single leaves out is the semi-permanent (maybe permanent) person whom you can count on, cuddle with, and have a sexual relationship with- with strings attached. When you have a significant other, they remind you of how awesome you are even if you already know it. It is always nice knowing someone else finds you attractive inside and out, regardless of your flaws.

Tinder was created for the sole purpose of dating. In September of 2012, Apple and Android users were able to download this app but it’s only of recent that people have been talking more about it. Typically, younger people compared to those on or EHarmony are using this site. People of Generation-Y sort of use it as a means of communicating with people that are possible booty calls. Others use it to date; well hey, that is what it’s made for. It uses your Facebook account profile pictures, some pages you have liked, your location and a short little bio your create yourself. Some people come up with witty ones like, “I’ll be your Prince Charming if you’ll be my Tinderella” or others, like myself, just put a normal one like their name, location and college if they attend one.

I have had Tinder since March and I have tons of matches (yes, it’s okay to have tons of matches). I’ve come across the nice guys who are looking for a companion, the ones who ask me to meet their dog, and the ones who are there for a good laugh. Me? I first downloaded it for a good laugh, not for its sole purpose. My first matched asked me if I preferred a feather whip or a leather whip…but during these two months of having Tinder, I’ve realized that it is actually an amazing app. Here are people giving you some information, a picture of their face, and they are swiping right to show they are interested in you. It is a confidence boost for you and your match both, whether or not you wanted a companion or a midnight companion, you still swiped for a potentially good reason. I came across someone my second day of Tindering and we hit it off. I did not go on there looking for someone to date like I had said earlier. He’s attractive, goofy like me, and we share a lot of the same interests. We have developed a relationship outside of the Tinder world and who knows what will happen in the near future. I am not holding anything back, and that is my point here.

People of this generation laugh at the fact that others go on Tinder dates or are actually seeing someone from this site. But why? Kudos to these people who found someone to join in on their life. Even if you do not find someone you could see yourself with, or wouldn’t mind going for drinks with, don’t lose hope. When you’re single, it’s always nice to have someone to talk to- regardless of their location, occupation, schooling etc. This is all behind a phone screen, and what is nice about it is that you get to reach the person on a deeper level rather than going based off of body image and looks when you meet someone in person. Personality comes first here, despite the pictures you are given to look at. I don’t see the harm in dating sites and Tinder is not like the rest of them. I advise every single girl and guy to get a Tinder, today. Your first reaction may be that you’re creeped out, but there’s no reason to be. Everyone is there for a specific reason that you just have to figure out on your own. If you go into this with an open mind, you’ll never know what you might find.



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