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The 5 Greatest Roles Of Val Kilmer


Val Kilmer is awesome and these are his most memorable roles. One role that just missed my top five is him as Bruce Wayne in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and that is only because I had to include a single episode TV role he took on that is hilarious.

There is something about Val Kilmer that makes him fun to watch. It doesn’t even matter if the movie is good or not. All that matters is that he is beyond entertaining on the big screen. Let the list begin..


5 – King Phillip II of Macedonia in Alexander

Kilmer plays the father of Alexander The Great in Oliver Stone’s Alexander. King Phillip goes through a wide range of emotions that Kilmer nails. One moment he is crushing a pitcher on wine and the next moment he is teaching his son how to be a man and a great king.


4 – John Holmes in Wonderland

This is a wild one. Kilmer plays the infamous porn star, John Holmes, who is mixed up with the wrong people. There’s drugs, reckless partying, murders, and botched robberies and Holmes is just along for the ride.


3 – The Sherpa in Entourage Season 1 “The Script and the Sherpa”

Instant classic. It had to make the list because Kilmer is awesome in his appearance on HBO’s Entourage. He plays a sherpa in the Hollywood Hills who has goats roaming around, grows marijuana, and lounges in a decadent den of pillows. He’s on another planet in this role and it’s hilarious.


2 – Iceman in Top Gun

Tom Cruise isn’t the only one carrying his weight in Top Gun. Kilmer plays Cruise’s rival pilot who thinks Maverick’s methods are unsafe. He chews gum like a champ, has hair like Ryan Seacrest, and looks damn good playing beach volleyball.


1 – Jim Morrison in The Doors

Kilmer and Oliver Stone show the rise and fall of the lizard king in a phenomenal biopic. Morrison was a genius poet, songwriter, and performer. He also pushed every limit he possibly could and lived a life according to his own rules. Val Kilmer was made to play this role. It was as if Oliver Stone just released Kilmer into the wild and filmed it.


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