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Wake up and tell yourself that today is going to be a good day. I know this may sound somewhat simplistic in comparison to the sometimes harsh realities life and all its alliances can throw at us, but try it. Your outlook determines and shapes the way you feel about certain situations and then, in turn, will have either a negative or positive effect – depending on the outlook you choose to have – on the way you handle these matters. If you are coming from a negative mind set,Read More
Personally, I am a huge believer in dreaming. I think that no dream is too big; I think that every dream can be accomplished. I don’t know if I just have  far fetched mind, or just a mind for success and glory. I have friends who have no direction in life and it honestly scares me. Those without direction have a greater chance of veering off course- whether we like to think it or not. I have friends who are going to college and don’t even know what they want toRead More

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Surviving a Quarter-Life Crisis

My chest feels tight, breathing has become a struggle, and my vision gets a little blurry; this is not regarding the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, but my future. My attention span has noticeably shrunk and anxiety-provoking thoughts race through my mind. “What the hell is going on?” I ask myself. Then I realize, I’m 25 years old, and while I thought I was ready to put my early-twenties to rest, I’m still horrified of the uncertain. This must be what a Quarter-Life crisis feels like.Read More

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Do Something Spontaneous

My fiancée would argue that I am extremely resistant to trying new things, and for the most part, she’s completely correct. I usually live and die by the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto, especially when it comes to my diet. What makes it even worse is that my pickiness is at an extreme. With food, for example, I routinely feast on the following: cheese pizza, bean and rice burritos, macaroni and cheese, plain bagels, and other assortments of bread. I should be the size of a house,Read More
Finding a significant other can feel like hitting the jackpot. It’s awesome to have that person to share your life with, to text when something funny happens, to cuddle with at night.  Entering into a relationship brings a lot of changes. One of those changes is that people will perceive you differently if you’re taken. There are many misconceptions and assumptions that come with being in a relationship, especially when you’re a woman. There are some things that ladies in relationships just don’t want to hear.   You’re going toRead More
Ever since blowing eighteen candles out on a perfectly frosted cake, we’ve all been in the limbo that is emerging adulthood. We may proudly parade around calling ourselves “adults,” when really, we are still discovering what adulthood truly entails. As we soon observe, being an adult means at heart, not in physicality. Sure, we may legally be over the age of eighteen and eligible to vote, but it takes a while for the mentality and maturity of to solidify firmly. These milestones of adulthood don’t all happen overnight. Ultimately, beingRead More

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The 4 Types of People in the World

In terms of success, it seems like the world is divided into 4 general subdivisions of people: Success has a subjective definition, and is different in the eyes of everyone. Most commonly, it means obtaining our goals and achieving personal happiness. For a few, it may be affluence; for some, their names etched in the history books; and for others, simply a nice home, small family, and stable job.   The people who “don’t work hard” yet still succeed For some individuals, it seems as if serendipity and luck always seem to beRead More
As I stumble my way further through college and dabble in the so-called “real” world, I’m coming to the sad realization that so many careers are fueled by the misfortune of others. A good friend of mine was recently accepted into pharmacy grad school, much to his elation because as he put it, “I’m pretty much guaranteed a job for life now, unless people suddenly stop needing medication or something.” As altruistic as his intentions probably are, the core of his future profession is dependent on waiting for people toRead More
I can’t tell you how many people have told me “fall in love with yourself first before someone else loves you.” Maybe not in those exact terms, but that’s the gist of it. I now use those same words as sincere advice to everyone that is looking for love. I have been single for a year now since my last relationship, and at first it was a lonely ride. Once you’ve been loved- touched, kissed, and spoken to in a genuine way, you feel lost when that all disappears. ItRead More
People love to tell you how to live your life.  Given the chance, most everyone jumps at the opportunity to provide an endless supply of advice out of their own life manual.  Telling you what they would do, pausing only to pass judgment on your latest decision, then quickly back to campaigning their next “If I were you” epiphany.  The thing is, life is hard, we all need help at one point or another so we listen to the perceived wisdom of those around us.  To make an unpopular decisionRead More
I have always been an advocate for self-motivation; whether it is reading Self Magazine or the do-it-yourself handbooks you get from your local bookstore. I have a firm belief that if you can’t help yourself, than nobody can help you…and if you can’t make yourself happy, then who can you make happy? I am fresh out of my freshman year of college and I already have 3 writing jobs, my own website and 2 jobs outside of that. Where would I have been without motivation, right? I have learned toRead More
I am a sucker for love and a sucker for those in love. I want everyone to be happy due to romance. Many people in Gen-Y don’t believe in love, have never had it, or, just don’t think they have the time for it. Due to changes in traditions- like having close guy/girl friends or maybe even close co-workers, we may ignore the fact that love is right in our face, or we just don’t even know it…yet. I am always the first to call out people who either A)Read More

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Girl Farts – Feminist Support From The Dumber Sex

Now, before I make a complete ass out of myself, I’d like to take the time to apologize for what I’ve just written.  After too many beers and far too little common sense, my watching of the Miss America Pageant became much more than a planned Sunday of inactivity. With stupidity at an all time high, I felt the need to support the feminist movement in the wake of the controversy surrounding the newly crowned Miss America which was probably the dumbest thing I could have done. Nevertheless, I amRead More
So, you graduated and said goodbye to your home- and your family- of four years. No longer can you so easily drag your roommates out of bed at midnight to meet the gang at the local bar down the block or make impromptu late-night diner trips. The truth is, maintaining those ties is going to get a lot harder as everyone starts moving in different directions. Some friendships may start to fizzle and fade, and you’re all going to have to start putting in some extra effort. Here are theRead More

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Lessons Learned from Crappy Jobs

My first semester of college, I worked at a chain coffee and bagel café. I have always affirmed that every person needs to work in food service at least once in their lifetime. It is difficult to express how exceptionally vital it is that people understand the toil behind where their services come from, and the crucial nature of treating workers with respect. I have also always held the belief that every person needs to work at least one “crappy job” in their life to fully understand the value ofRead More