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What Your Manicure Really Says About You


When you’re meeting a guy, what do you look for first? Nice style? Toned arms? At least a full set of teeth?

And how about other women? We swear we don’t judge but we notice when a girl is nicely put together or if she looks a little rough around the edges.

The reality is your nails can say a lot about you. So before you grab your next bottle of polish, or head to the local salon, find out what your manicure is really saying about you.

Dark Colors

Dark colors are great for the work place. They portray professionalism and maturity. It says you are determined during the week, but still make time for a rock star lifestyle on your off time. Men tend to think girls with dark nails are edgy but it doesn’t take them long to realize you have a sensitive side too.

Reds and Pinks

These cutesy colors are both girly and passionate. These romantic colors are a good choice for first dates or big ones. If you always have pink nails you may be “basic.” That’s right, you like taking selfies, binge watching Netflix and finding a good sale at Forever 21. But that’s okay because these girls are usually the life of the party and their bubbly personality is contagious.

Pastel Colors

These pretty colors are perfect for warm weather months and easily accent any outfit, but you already knew that. Pastel colors say you are preppy and always keep up on the latest trends. You are light hearted and always smiling and that is why people like being around you.

Nail Art

Depending on the nail art you can look anywhere from creative, to childish, to trashy. Your nails are your personal paint pallet and with nail art pens, nail wraps and Pinterest the opportunities are endless. There is nothing wrong with bright colors and the occasional Hello Kitty accent nail, if you are twelve. Nail art truly is an art but  be careful to not let your nails turn tacky.

Practically Pale

A simple gloss is all you need with a moderate oval cut. It is not that you don’t have the time or money to get fancy nails but you simply don’t see the need for them. You are practical, but sometimes that tends to make you over think things. You always have genuine intentions and are very nurturing. Although you might not be the most daring, you secretly love when people encourage you out of your comfort zone. Now take one of those people to the salon with you and mix it up.

Cool Colors

Ladies who get green, blue or purple nails like to get in touch with their zen. They are down to earth, loyal and always up for an adventure. It takes a lot to get you upset but when someone finds a way, you make sure they never do it again. Making other people happy makes you happy and nothing comes in-between you and your happiness.

Sporty Cut

The cut can say just as much about a person as the color. This cut is perfect for active girls or first time manicures. This short, square shape says you are independent and on the move so you need people in your life who can keep up.

Flare Nails

Also known as duck tips, this nail shape became popular in Jersey and has been spreading like a bad epidemic. This look screams trashy. You most likely picked up on all the wrong trends like hair feathers, wedge sneakers and mullet skirts. Best advice is to keep your duck tips and lips off social media until they fall off.

Pointed Pinkies

Commonly called the coffin cut, this pointed shape has become popular through celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Girls who get these cat claws tend to be total divas or reality-star wannabes. Can you blame a guy for being a little intimidated with a girl who has nails like Edward Scissor-hands? Go for this stiletto style nail if you want to make a fierce statement. Just be careful not to wake up with a hashtag across your face.

French Tip

Your style is regal and you like to keep it classy. You refuse to believe chivalry is dead and own red lipstick and at least one pair of pearl earrings. You are resistant to change and like when everything is pre-planned. You could use someone is your life more spontaneous to let loose and try something new.

Nail Nibbler

You are a deep thinker but sometimes you are juggling so many thoughts you get scatterbrained. You have lots of goals, and manicures just aren’t high on that priority list. As ambitious as you may be, biting down to the beds will give off the impression that you are insecure or overwhelmed. This bad habit not only looks bad but it is bad for your health. Just think of all the places where your hands have been before your mouth!

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