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10 Things You Should Do Every Day


1.  Make your bed.

Good morning and congratulations!  You woke up again, and you only pressed snooze twice! Ever heard of the expression, “Messy bed, messy head?”  For me, this simple saying makes all the sense.  The mindless act of putting your bed together sets the tone for a productive, calm day.  It just does.  Prepare a fresh start to the day by respecting your space.  And floss your teeth while you’re at it.  People forget to do that.


2.  Smile at strangers.

I once heard a wise man say, “Everyone is fighting their own battles so try not to be a cunt.”  It’s true.  Some most people are actually having a terribly rotten day but they smile so that they don’t completely fall apart and ruin your day too.  I know.  This world is a hot mess.  The other day, Mrs. Trunchbull’s doppelganger told me how angry she was with me that I didn’t carry the book she wanted.  Realistically, I knew it wasn’t my fault.  But I couldn’t help but silently wonder, “Lady, what if I was just diagnosed with a rare flesh-eating disease the night before?  What if I was having a particularly depressing hair day?  Is your tone really necessary?”  I’m sensitive enough as it is.  Just be nice to everyone.  It’s not hard.  [Unless you’re a dick].


3.  Be of service.  

Kyoko Escamilla says that your 20s are your selfish years.  However, it’s not all about you.  And chances are, living a life entirely based on your needs is not going to satisfy you in the long run.  Doing something for another human being will take you out of yourself for a brief moment while also making another person feel special.  I like tulips.


4.  Get off social media for a second.  

Sometimes it’s so easy to get distracted by what so-and-so did last weekend that you get sucked into the vortex that is Facebook.  Truth be told, I spent a good 20 minutes looking at your Instagram account before I put any sort of focus on this post.  We have just as many hours in a day as Beyonce, but are we using our time wisely?  This is something you need to ask yourself when you’re inviting all your Facebook friends to play Candy Crush.


5.  Get physical.  

Sex and spin. Working out is the cheapest way to get a high.  And the healthiest.  ‘Nuff said.


6.  Nourish your body.  

Chances are you have every intention of treating your body like garbage on Halloween and you’re gonna thrash it up big on Thanksgiving.  Reeses cups are good.  Chocolate Pecan Pie is very good.  I get it.  However, keep that shit moderated.  Sugar is not only bad for your insides but it pollutes your skin as well.  Bring out your inner soul cyclist.  Drink more water, eat more fruit, or challenge yourself to a juice cleanse without Facebooking about it.


7.  Treat yo’self.  

How you choose to treat yourself is entirely up to you, but I suggest…shoes.  Oh. My. God. Shoes.  But wait, you’re twentysomething and broke.  7a.  Be thrifty.  Inexpensive ways to treat yourself on the daily include: bubble baths, dark chocolate, and full-body massages via your lover.


8.  Tell someone you love them.  

Let someone know something that you appreciate about them.  And then tell them you love them.  Why?  It’s nice.  Example:  Hey baby, thanks for making me toast this morning.  You’re so good at warming up bread.  I love you.


9.  Make direct eye contact with the person speaking to you.  

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m talking to someone and/or they’re talking to me and they won’t look me in the eyes.  They’re not staring at my boobs either.  They’re looking at the floor or somewhere completely distant from our conversation.  What I suspect:  You’re either lying about something, disgusted by my face, or lacking confidence.  Also, your handshake.  What’s going on there?


10.  Try something new.  

Caution:  This requires getting out of your comfort zone.  Please don’t get so comfortable with your daily routine that you forget that there is so much to explore around you, regardless of where you live.  Walk your dog backwards, try a new coffee shop, do a cartwheel, take a photography class, join a running group.  Live a little more adventurously.  You’ll start waking up so excited, you might not even press that pesky snooze button.

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