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5 Signs You’re On The Road To A Happy Life


Everyone’s goal in life is to reach a point in which you know, for a fact, that you have fulfilled complete happiness. However, for many people, the road to happiness is not as easy as it simply sounds.

We all go through rough patches. Some of us experience heart break, some of us experience the death of someone important to us, and some of us are insecure about who we are as people.

The truth is, there are signs that signify you are on the road to happiness and if any of these apply to you I truly believe that you have a happy life ahead of you.


1. You Are Studying What You Love

Post-secondary education is a big deal. Not only is it extremely expensive, but it also points you in the direction of a specific field of employment. The work associated with University and College can be extremely overbearing, and that is why it is crucial that you are studying something you love. You will be spending 4 years of your life studying something inside and out so make sure it is something you love, because if it isn’t, you may struggle to find happiness while you’re writing and studying.


2. You Don’t Let Other People Tell You Who You’re Supposed To Be

It is essential you make sure you are yourself- no matter what. As hard as it may be, staying true to yourself in terms of beliefs, skills and even who you are fundamentally as a human being is extremely important. The quicker you learn to accept you for you, the happier you will be.


3. You Dress To Impress No One But Yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in what other people think especially when it involves the way you look. A happy life means being yourself and the most obvious way to express yourself is through your clothing. If you want to wear plaid wear plaid, you want a piercing get one. Happy people don’t concern themselves with people who don’t appreciate their creativity and freedom of expression.


4. You Are Respectful But Speak Your Mind

Speaking your mind is obviously an extremely important aspect of happiness. If you let people walk all over with you and go with the crowd you become nothing more than a shadow. If you want to be happy it is important that you have acquire the ability to stand up for yourself and your beliefs in a respectful way.


5. You Recognize Your Flaws But Concentrate On Your Perfections

Everybody has flaws but we all also have aspects of us that are perfect. The more you concentrate on what make you special the faster you will live a happy life. With that being said, you should never ignore your flaws. Instead, embrace them because those weaknesses are what make us just as special as our perfections.


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