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5 No-Nos in the Bedroom


Everyone has their personal list of “no-nos” for what they think is acceptable when gettin’ it on. Be that as it may, here are a few “don’ts” that I  hope would be on everyone’s list:

#1 – Socks

I don’t know about you, but I think keeping your socks on during sex is just weird. Sex is something you’re supposed to do naked, and to keep that one awkward article on is just silly. It’s not hard to take those socks off, so just do it.

You're doin' it wrong. Lose the socks.

You’re doin’ it wrong. Lose the socks.

#2 – Criticism

No one likes to be put down, especially when you are naked and on top of someone. Telling your hook-up/boyfriend/girlfriend “Ew, you look pretty gross in that position, let’s switch” or “you are doing that completely wrong, just stop” isn’t helping anything.  Doing so is just going to kill the mood completely, and you might never see that person again.  Direction and criticism are also different things. If something isn’t happening the way you want it to, find a way to let the person know how you like it in a nice manner. DO NOT say “HEY YOU ARE SUCKING MY DICK WRONG, DO THIS INSTEAD,” because being rude and bossy in bed will just get you home alone to handle yourself.

If you don't have something nice to say...

If you don’t have something nice to say…


#3 – Insecurities

Of course not everyone is confident in every inch of his or her body, or how great he or she is between the sheets, and that’s okay! But if you bring that attitude into sex, it probably won’t go well for you. Asking every 2 minutes “does that feel okay?!” is just annoying and whoever you are with is not going to be able to enjoy any of it, and neither will you. Also girls (and maybe guys?) saying, “I don’t want to be in that position, it makes me look fat” is just lame. The guy or girl you are with chose to get sexual with you for a reason! Doing this just shows a lack of confidence. We do what we can as sexual beings; just give it your all!

Don't be insecure; be enthusiastic!

Don’t be insecure; be enthusiastic!


#4 – Exes

Exes are a sore subject in the first place for most of us, and the “Don’t bring exes up on a first date” rule also applies to sex. But not just on the first bang…like NEVER bring them up in bed, ever. No one wants to hear how your ex used to do something wild, or some vivid memory of how good he or she was in the sack. Being compared to your partner’s past relationships in general just sucks, especially before, during, or after riding each other.

Nothing ruins a good night like bringing up your ex...especially in bed.

Nothing ruins a good night like bringing up your ex…especially in bed.


#5 – Selfishness

Sex is something you are normally doing with another person (hopefully), and relationships, whether just sexual or dating, need to have give and take. And it’s simply common courtesy: if someone does something for you, return the favor. It’s not fair when one person is getting off and the other just has to endure it until it’s over. And I know guys and girls sometimes work differently, but that’s why we must both do our best to end up leaving the deed mutually satisfied. What’s fair is fair, people.

There's no "I" in sex.

There’s no “I” in sex.



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