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Broke and Hungry? Here’s a Solution.


Are you broke and hungry? A starving college student or recent graduate with no culinary expertise…or money? Here’s how you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week – all for under $60.


It may sound crazy, but local farmers markets, such as Sprouts, can be one of the cheapest grocery stores… even compared to corporate stores such as Safeway or King Soopers. Stores that get most of their produce locally tend to have not only better, organic foods, but shockingly low prices as well.

Through my years as a broke college student, and now, in my life as a starving artist, I have learned to be frugal with my expenses, while still being able to cook delicious meals. Here’s how I do it:


Step 1 – Shopping

-I strive to be healthy, and have made fruits and vegetables a main staple in my diet. Sprouts usually has insanely low prices for produce—“$1 for 5 grapefruits” or “$0.60 for a head of lettuce”—so I fill my basket with a variety of vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, lettuce, mushrooms, spinach…you get the idea. I make sure to grab a bag of frozen veggies as well for $3. My overload of vegetables alone costs no more than $11.00.

Stock up on produce at stores like Sprouts.

Stock up on produce at stores like Sprouts.


-Protein is another key, so I stock up on chicken breasts, which cost between $2-$4 a container, eggs – a dozen for $2, deli slices of turkey for $6, and cheese (a block for $4 and crumbled feta for around $2).

Protein is a must, even if you're eating cheap.

Protein is a must, even if you’re eating cheap.


-Then the grains—tortillas for $2.99, a loaf of whole wheat bread for $2.99, a box of rice or cous cous for around $3.99, oatmeal and honey for $7, and an entire bag of potatoes for close to $3.

Potatoes: cheap and filling.

Potatoes: cheap and filling.


-Grab a few condiments: Dijon mustard, salad dressing, or whatever else floats your boat, all for around $2.99.


This may all sound very simple and bland, but surprisingly provides yummy meals for an entire week.


Step 2 – Cooking & Preparing

-FOR BREAKFAST:  I scramble some eggs with the cheese and whatever veggies I like, (loaded with Cholula, of course), with a side of toast to make a hearty and filling meal. On the 7th day, (when you’re out of eggs), oatmeal takes it’s place (or whenever you’re sick of having eggs every morning).

-FOR LUNCH: I use the tortillas to make killer turkey wraps – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, cheese, and lots of Dijon mustard. Crunchy, healthy, and satisfying.

-FOR DINNER: I can be more creative. The chicken, or whichever protein you prefer, can be stir-fried with the rice or cous cous and frozen veggies, or used in a chicken salad, or baked with vegetables and potatoes. My personal favorite is to sauté  onions, mushrooms, and peppers to make fantastic chicken fajitas.


Chicken fajitas can make for a cheap, easy, and delicious dinner.

Chicken fajitas can make for a cheap, easy, and delicious dinner.

So there you have it! Not only are you bulking up your wallet with these meals, but you’re eliminating calories as well. All of these meals are guaranteed to be under 500 calories (unless you cook with spoonfuls of Crisco), easy to make, and truly satisfying. Put down the McDonalds and start eating healthfully AND affordably!

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