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10 Parties You Should Be Throwing


1. A Friendchip Party

Celebrate the power of friendship with a chip potluck!  Potato chips could stand alone as my lifelong romantic interest, I love them so deeply.  I beg you to supply me with a human who doesn’t crave her crunch so that I can fix her.  Just imagine the rich diversity of a chip potluck.  The assortment of dips.  Chips of different color, categories, and socioeconomic backgrounds, all gathered together in harmony.  Doritos next to sweet potato chips, kale chips next to sour cream and onion Lays.  The beauty of friendchip.


2. A Very Merry (Alice in Wonderland) Unbirthday Party

Today is an unimportant day, until you realize it’s your unbirthday.  It’s my unbirthday, too!  Fortunately, the Alice in Wonderland theme has a lot of wiggle room.  You could go with a traditional Mad Hatter tea party, you could have a card tournament, or you and your friends could dress like caterpillars and smoke hookah.



3. A Period Party

Mostly for the ladies – to simultaneously rejoice and curse the glorious gift of bloody womanhood.  Gather your best gal pals for a magical day of worshiping menstruation!  Here are some rules: You get to eat whatever you want, day drinking is highly encouraged, and you must wear red and white.  Tell tales of first periods and the misadventures of tampons.  Even have a reading from Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.  Welcome womanhood with open arms, “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman,” by Britney Spears, and double fists of strawberry lemonade (with vodka).




4. Bollywood Party

Alright, you’re going to need to mentally prepare for this one.  Bollywood movies can last longer than your mom in labor.  But they’re worth it!  Beautiful colors, dancing, rain, tragic love, melodramas, happy endings.  I recommend anything with ShahRukh Khan.  Incorporate your own Indian meal and chaitinis – recipe found here.

Devdas (2002 India) Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali



5. The Dundie Awards

From the show The Office, the Dundie Awards recognize the efforts and qualities of our dear coworkers.  Use that sassy little sense of humor to award such honors as Most Likely Not to Have Showered Since Tuesday, Smelliest Morning Breath, and Whitest Sneakers.  This can be a one-man Monday work party at your desk with post-it note certificates.



6. A Murder Mystery Party

Treat yourself to some murder!  Create your own murder mystery, or you can buy a game on Amazon – they have fun themes like Murder at Mardi Gras and An Affair to Dismember.  Dress in costume and serve dinner.  Reveal clues, develop suspicions, and accusations.  It’s like a real-life version of Clue.



7. Dirty Poetry Party

Melt that writer’s block with a mason jar of spunky, dirty, strange prompts like Orgy Porgy at the Old Folks Home, Macadamia Nut Make Out, or My Lover Smells of Ham.  Have guests contribute to the prompt jar and pass it around for inspiration.  The dress code is black.  Glasses are required.  Sit on stools in a circle, share your poems, and offer up an ungodly amount of snaps.




8. Jane Austen Tea Party

Put on an Austen film and enjoy some fierce heroines, handsome men with impressive side burns, and a good cup’a.  Don’t forget scones!




9. A Mock Bachelorette Party

If you’ve been dreaming of your big white princess wedding since you were 5, you might find this tacky.  But if you love a good penis party favor as much as the next girl, this is a fun way to spend a Friday night.  You’ll need a feather boa, a ring, and some bridesmaids.




10. A Sleepover Party

Keep it classic.  Netflix or Redbox yourselves a few good rom-coms.  You’ll probably need pizza and fudgesicles and cherry coke.  There should be pedicures and staying up late girl-talking.  If you’re lucky enough, you’ll still have a connection to the real game.


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