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Nice is…Nice, But I Want More: A Response to “Yes, Nice Guys Will Finish Last…For Now”


Let me start this off by saying not all “nice guys” are the same.  (Though, it’s kind of hard to say that due to the vomit induced by this article). Some are genuinely kind people with full, rich personalities who take responsibility for where they finish in life.  Others are two-dimensional assholes who believe their niceness gives them a certain right to women.

There are two major conflicts I have with the offending article.  The first is the concept that nice guys deserve anything–as if just being polite entitles you to relationships, sex, or even a future with a specific person.  This implies that instead of earning someone’s trust and affection by your own merits,  women should simply crave and settle for the stability of “nice.” That’s not how it works.

The other is the misconception that “nice” is a desirable quality.  Nice is what you say when there is nothing else left to say. Ugly haircuts, couches, and babies are “nice.” Seriously, of all the adjectives in the entire English language, the ONE that defines you is “nice?”  I want to know what else you have to offer.  I want more.  Figure out what your admirable qualities are–generous, kind, intelligent, funny. “Nice” guys are boring guys.

If you think of yourself as a nice guy who is facing serious rejection and friend-zoning, STOP.  You are not a victim, you are probably just an asshole.  So here’s what I have to say to “all the dudes who feel like they’re being left out of the equation.” Ask yourself WHY.  It might be because you suck.



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